Council Bluffs Spray Foam Insulation


    Spray foam insulation is created by mixing two different liquids that react with one another, and when sprayed on a surface it expands rapidly to create a stiff seal and barrier. Spray foam insulation achieves a perfect fit each time we apply it, eliminating voids and gaps between structural materials like walls, roofs, floor rim joists, and corners of the home, which virtually eliminates air infiltration and gaps, resulting in significant energy savings. There are different types of spray foam, and insulation technicians value them based on their "R-value," which measures the material's resistance to heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the better insulation it provides to maintain consistent temperatures in and around the area applied. Ask our technicians if you have any additional questions about this as we are happy to provide you additional details.


    Pros to spray foam insulation are the following:

    1. It doesn't sag or settle or break down over time like other types of insulation

    2. Retains the ability to fill the smallest cracks and corners of any portion of your home or business

    3. Establishes an airtight seal preventing cool and warm air from mixing

    4. Prevents moisture from entering your home

    5. Creates an efficient sound barrier

    6. Prevents pests from enter your home

    7. Can easily be applied to vertical surfaces


    Cons to spray foam insulation are the following:

    1. Highest cost of all insulation types

    2. Longer installation and clean up process


    At Loess Hills Insulation, we will take time to diagnose your specific insulation needs and explain the benefits of spray foam insulation and its ability to create comfort and overall health in your home or business. Call us today to schedule a free quote and evaluation to discuss how you can start benefiting from spray foam insulation!