Council Bluffs Iowa blown-in insulation


    Blown-in insulation is made of various substances including cellulose, fiberglass, or rock wool. As the name implies, this type of insulation is applied with special equipment which blows it into the area we desire to insulate. It is an ideal insulation for attic floors or for other irregularly shaped areas and for filling in gaps around obstacles. It creates an effective barrier against heat loss by reducing conduction, and offers a low environmental impact while quickly creating energy savings when applied in your walls and hard-to-reach spaces. Blown in insulation is not as efficient in reducing energy losses created by air leaks, so a special process called "air sealing" should always precede blown-in insulation if the area has an exposure to outside air or the potential for air leaks.


    Pros to blown-in in insulation are the following:

    1. It is easier to install and lower cost than spray foam insulation

    2. It can be applied in hard to reach areas where our technicians may not be able to safely access in some parts of your home

    3. It reduces sound transmission

    4. It is easy to add more if necessary.


    Cons to blown-in insulation are the following:

    1. It does not form an air-tight barrier

    2. It can compress over time, creating a reduction in the R-value

    3. It can't be applied to vertical surfaces like spray foam


    At Loess Hills Insulation, we will take time to diagnose your specific insulation needs and explain the benefits of blown-in insulation and its ability to create comfort and energy savings in your home or business. Call us today to schedule a free quote and evaluation to discuss how you can start benefiting from blown-in insulation!