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    Council Bluffs Iowa Garage Insulation

    The Garage...the man cave, the place of the coveted workbench, and a place rarely insulated. Most people don't think about insulating their garage, but if your garage is attached to you home, it is under a finished room in your home, or you and your family engage in any of the following activities in the garage, it would be worth considering:

    • Mechanical work

    • Woodworking

    • Gym or other recreational structure in your garage


    Approaches to insulating these areas might include insulating the roof and interior walls if there is a finished room above the garage, insulating the exterior walls of the garage if it is attached to your home, or insulating both interior and exterior walls if you use the garage for recreation. At Loess Hills Insulation, we will take time to explain the benefits of proper garage insulation and the insulation options that will be key in creating the best overall garage environment for your specific situation. Call us today to schedule a free quote and evaluation to discuss how you can start benefiting from proper basement insulation!